Kuiper is a contemporary art platform dedicated to the support of conceptually based artworks and critical discussion. Kuiper currently operates an exhibition space in Meanjin (Brisbane CBD), Australia, showing works by local, interstate and international artists.

The name Kuiper is inspired by the Kuiper Belt, a ring of objects at the far reaches of the solar system, beyond Neptune. The Kuiper Belt is composed of an eccentric collection of objects of various sizes, shapes and compositions held in orbit by the distant gravity of the Sun.

Kuiper Projects respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which Kuiper is situated: the Turrbal and Jagera people.


Kuiper is co-directed by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise.

Hine and Weise are long-term collaborators and were founding co-directors of two galleries in Naarm/Melbourne: Screen Space (2010-2016), a not-for-profit gallery dedicated to the moving image, and Beam Contemporary (2010-2014), a commercial gallery focused on emerging artists. Together they co-curated the Melbourne Art Fair Video program in 2014, and have co-curated exhibitions at Careof (Milan), Blindside (Melbourne), Window National (multiple USA locations), Brenda May Gallery (Sydney), Boxcopy (Brisbane), MARS (Melbourne) and Metro Arts (Brisbane), among others.

Simone Hine is an artist, curator and writer. Her artworks expand across performance, video, installation and sound. She re-contextualises media images, with a particular focus on the cinematic. These media images are expanded spatially and temporally in order to re-examine otherwise transitory moments. Hine holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, School of Culture and Communication, in Art History.
simone [at] kuiperprojects [dot] org

Kyle Weise is a writer and curator. He has a specific interest in the moving image across cinema and art, and its mediation of technology and space. Weise has curated exhibitions in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, and has written about contemporary Australian art in catalogue essays and articles for various publications, including EyelineDissectUn Magazine and Millennium Film Journal. He was the Curator of the Exhibition Program at Metro Arts (2018-2023). And is currently a Curatorial Officer at Redland Art Gallery and Acting Curator at the University of Queensland Art Museum.
kyle [at] kuiperprojects [dot] org


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