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Jaymi-Lee/Boio · Metabolis(h)ing

Jaymi-Lee/Boio · Metabolis(h)ing

08.07.2023 - 15.07.2023

11am Saturday, 8th of July: Jaymi-Lee/Boio and Dominique Chen in Conversation

Jaymi-Lee/Boio, Metabolis(h)ing, Promotional Image.

In Metabolis(h)ing, native oyster mushrooms decompose and metabolise three seminal capitalist texts. Plumes of interconnecting mycelial threads envelop the books, transmuting their physical and conceptual contents into sustenance for the fungi’s fruiting bodies to grow. These mycelium networks are woven beneath/through all spaces we encounter. Ever-branching, connecting individual beings in rhizomatic webs of reciprocity, transmuting death into regenerative energy, and redistributing surplus wealth throughout interspecies communities. The ephemeral bodies of fungi emerge from decaying matter, reminders of the unseen web of relations that exists beneath/beyond all surface life, connecting us all.

Jaymi-Lee / Boio is a queer Meanjin based creative of Motu, Malay and Celtic descent. They utilise an array of mediums to engage with art as theraplay, curiosity, connection and ritual. Enamoured by plants and fungi, they collaborate with these beings as teachers, seeking encounters and supporting their growth. Expanding their ways of belonging in place/time, deepening their relationship to self/other, and imagining new possibilities.

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Opening Event: Saturday, 8th of July, 11am:
Jaymi-Lee/Boio in conversation with Dominique Chen

Dominique Chen is a Gamilaroi woman, and interdisciplinary artist and researcher, living on Yinibara Country in South East Queensland. She lectures within the Batchelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art, Griffith University, and is undertaking PhD research at the University of Technology Sydney, in the area of relational creative practice and urban-based Aboriginal food and medicine growing.


This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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